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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Need assistance dunking off of 2 legs.

So I am originally a 1-legged dunker and have been working over the past few months to transition into a 2-legged dunker because I feel that they are in much more control in the air, and this will help me rebound. I heard from various sources that the best way to transition from one jumping technique into another is to just keep jumping the way you want to, and they were right! Every time there has been a dead ball in a game or every time I missed a shot shooting round I would jump off of 2 legs and try to grab the rim. In the span of a couple of months I went from being able to grab rim with 1 hand, to being able to grab it with 2 hands with effort, to effortless being able to grab it with 2 hands, to finally where I am now, where I managed to get my entire wrist over the rim. One problem, I am never able to jump anywhere near as high when I actually try to jump with the ball in hand and dunk it.
Throughout all phases of my 2-legged improvement I have tried dunking the ball off of two legs and it feels like the ball weighs 10 pounds. Every time I tried dunking the ball at all stages of my improvement, I would get rim stuffed and not even be over the rim. Even today when I got my wrist over the rim without the ball, when I tried jumping with the ball I got rim stuffed once again. I should be able to at least get legitimate dunk attempts where the ball bounces off of the back rim and I grab the rim afterwards, but its always been a rim stuff. Now I know that jumping with the ball will take away an inch or two, but it shouldn't take away 4+ inches. I know that the biggest function of jumping that I lose when jumping without the ball versus jumping with the ball is the swinging of my arms. I can't really swing my arms when I have the ball, and I feel that swinging my arms helps a lot and gives me that extra lift I need, so is there anyway to compensate for this, or is it something else I am doing wrong?
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