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Default Re: Euroleague 2011/2012 Final Four Istanbul

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
CSKA won VTB league ( played against Unics in finals without Khryapa and they didnt even try much ) and Barca won against Real ( great game by the way ) and beat some team ( I dont remember the name ) without Navarro and Lorbek . OLY and PAO have a lot weaker opponents in their league than CSKA or Barcelona have in their leagues .

True. But Olympiacos had a 42 point win over Panionios. That's not easy to do. Panionios is a decent team, even though their starting SF Giankovits and starting C Stepheson were injured. They still had an 11 man lineup of,

PG Keys/Xanthopoulos
SG Diebler/Batis
SF Anathasoulas/Ioannou
PF Nadjfeji/Barlos/Kavvadas
C Sarikopoulos/Paragios

That team, even minus two starters would definitely make Top 16 of Eurocup, rather easily even. And they got beat by 42 against Olympiacos.

So, I think that is more impressive than say Barca beating Real by 2 points.

If you don't believe that Panionios is a decent team, then look at their last game against Panathinaikos. They only lost by 1 point. I am telling you, a 42 point win against Panionios is a bit crazy.

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