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Default Re: The blame thread

We had a lot of reasons to fail, but to be honest, we overcame a lot this year....Remember how the Heat couldn't figure it out last year? That was with an entire summer, no lock out, and one coach. The Knicks went through craziness all year long. One thing all the franchises can say without hesitation was that the Knicks' situation was never boring. The Knicks had to learn how to play with each other with two totally different mindsets (one focused on offense, the other on defense). I'm proud of these guys to be honset...they never quit. Amare pissed me off with the hand incident, but he had passion throughout the year. Hopefully these guys can all figure it out and play better. No blame, we lost to a better team and we lost key people. Hopefully we can play better next year and stay healthy.
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