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Default Re: The blame thread

Originally Posted by bluechox2
we put this team together for a championship run, not a first round out. what was the point then for giving 3 guys huge contracts to be our core?

the talent does not fit each others strengths

The point is that we've set up a 4 year window to make a Championship run.

This was Year 1 of 4. We made good progress by starting to at least play some defense and finding a leader in Chandler. The next step in this process will involve not only finding ways for Melo & Amare to co-exist effectively, but for them to co-exist with a PG like Jeremy Lin.

I really like our chances next season.

The pressure will be high on this team if Miami wins the Championship, but if Miami doesn't win it all then our own inability to do it with a Big 3 won't be a major topic this offseason.
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