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Default Re: Amnesty Boozer, sign Hinrich and O.J. Mayo

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Before anyone else says we need to amnesty Boozer, PLEASE read the new CBA again. If we Amnesty Boozer, we punish ourselves! We are still obligated to pay his contract, AND IT IS STILL COUNTED against our CAP. If another team picks him up, we STILL have to pay the difference.

So in the best case scenario, we only free up 3-4 million in cap space. We will still be in the luxury threshold, so we will not be able to do anything, but work with the Mid-level exception. Or in simpler terms, we will be at the same venture in this offseason whether we amnesty Boozer or not!
Are you sure about that? If so, why the hell did the Magic amnesty Arenas' contract?
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