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Originally Posted by DKLaker
No, I also question Kobe's shot selection.....but he makes shots that don't make any sense too. Has Kobe single handedly lost games for us.....absolutely. We have a bunch of docile players who can't create their own shot and don't shoot 3's at a good Kobe's volume should be high.....he....and I don't trust the rest of the guys to really attack and go all out to win, thankfully Bynum is getting there. I would absolutely love for Pau to be more aggressive going toward the basket and taking more shots, but without falling away, he is severely lacking as a 7 footer when it comes to drawing fouls.....way too passive.

Again, you don't understand the difference between coaching a fluid offense and stats, no need to even discuss the issue.

Being impressed by beating Denver is like thinking you belong in the NBA because you hit shots by yourself in your driveway

Sorry it took a while to respond. I started a full time job.

As for statistics, yes they aren't everything, but you're dismissing every single statistic. Stats come from somewhere. They let us understand how things will play out. If a center like Bynum gets many shot attempts, and is shooting at 60%, it likely means he will keep getting those same shot attempts at a similar success rate.
You yourself keep grading the offense by the fact that "the lakers had their lowest point average per game for a while". But wait, I thought stats are different from a fluid offense?
Points come from the speed of the game. Lakers are a half court team, and they play slow, full time. They get very few fast break opportunities. Does that mean their offense is doomed to be terrible? No. It just means they need to keep playing together until it clicks.
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