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Default Re: Most underrated player in the NFL

In the first half against Baltimore, the Patriots held Rice to just 21 yards on 10 carries. His longest run was a 7-yard gain. The Ravens came out throwing in the second half, and New England played more four-man fronts with nickel and dime coverages. Still, the Patriots mixed in plenty of three-man fronts --using Mark Anderson and Rob Ninkovich as their speed rushers -- and moved Vince Wilfork all over the line.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, in the regular season and the playoffs, Wilfork has played 310 snaps at left tackle, 233 at left end, 199 at nose tackle, 188 at right tackle and 105 at right end.

Why do you talk about things and pass them off as facts when you really don't know for sure? Isn't this the definition of "talking out of your ass?"
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