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Originally Posted by DKLaker

Why do you constantly speak of things you do not remotely understand????
If you really want to understand these things you need to either listen and understand to those who know.....or learn for yourself by coaching for an extended time.

There are a ton of ways you can score a high amount of points, it doesn't matter the pace of your style of play. What matters most is making the most of every possession, every time down the floor. If your goal is to take one shot and run away while the ball is in the air then you better shoot a very high %. If you always put 2 guys rebounding your misses you will score more points with 2nd chance opportunities. I could go through a million scenarios and the related situations but it would take way too long.
As for our offense....lmao, if players ran a crappy offense for 10 years and knew it well, it wouldn't be would still be crap.

Brown has no clue as to how to run an offense and no clue as to how to mesh the styles and abilities of our players together.
Seriously, any coach who is so stupid that he cannot see how we can destroy any team in the NBA by running pick and rolls shouldn't be coaching in the NBA, he should go back to being a video editor/stats guy.....Metta had this right. Kobe needs to at least help the nitwit out by making a defensive adjustment to stop Andre Miller.

Oh yes because Kobe, Bynum, and Pau all couldn't play together this season

You act like Andre Miller is so guardable. Instead of questioning Brown, why don't you question Ramon Session's weak frame, that can't seem to rotate well defensively on the right guys?

And I got some time, why don't you go through the millions of scenarios? I have yet to hear just one from you.
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