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Default Re: Need assistance dunking off of 2 legs.

Originally Posted by Permodius
I think my problem was that I was too upright. I was under the impression that by being slightly upright before taking off I will be able to go downward and then quickly upward allowing me to have more jumping force overall, basically like a spring that is quickly coiled and then uncoiled. I didn't know that I should have been low the entire time. Even as I approached the rim. This is because I thought that most of the power came from the coiling and then uncoiling motion of going from upright to a crouched position, and then quickly jumping in one motion, or am I over-thinking this solution? Also, I wasn't completely upright, but I wasn't low too the ground either. When going for the 2-legged dunk attempt I start in a position upright enough just to the point where I can put my hands on my knees, and my knees aren't bent until the take off. Also, wouldn't I have to jump higher in order to dunk with 2 hands, or is the discrepancy in vertical needed to flush it with 1 hand versus 2 negligible?
To be honest, I'm still trying to figure all these things out for myself. Logically, you're right about the theory of starting straight up only so you can load your spring and explode. However, and this isn't substantiated by any proof aside from what works from me, I've found when I'm approaching standing straight up, I'll never fully load my spring - it either takes too long or my body just doesn't want to do it. I'll end up sort of bending my knees and more or less jumping from a relatively upright stance. I feel like if I were to try to fully load my spring from a stand still, most of my momentum would be lost in the process.

Conversely, when I make myself get lower to the ground (in part by keeping my dribble low) I'm still not that low. I'm just not straight up. And even though I'm slightly lower, I still seem to take the same amount of time to load up my spring (that is, dropping even lower on takeoff). As such, I'm actually utilizing more of my leg muscles than if I were upright.

I kind of look at it the same way I look at jump shooting. Things just seem smoother when not beginning in the upright position. When I'm driving to the basket upright, it seems to take a lot more time and effort to really elevate off two feet. Whereas, when I'm driving and I'm a little lower, it seems I can really pop off the floor.

Also, regarding the loss of vertical from using one-hand to two-hands, that does indeed exist, as you likely know. However, for one reason or another, on two-foot takeoffs, I have a much better success rate at flushing with two hands than just one. I cannot palm a basketball and while that doesn't effect my one-foot flushes, it seems to bother the two-footers.
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