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Default Re: Euroleague 2011/2012 Final Four Istanbul

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
I watched Panionios against OLY ( not this game ) and I know that Panionios isnt that bad but beating Unisc by 15 or Real by 2 is harder than beating Panionios by 42 .

I disagree. I think it's harder to beat Panionios by 42.

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
Where is Jackson going than ? I heard that Draper already agreed with Real and will play for them next season .

Supposedly, Jackson is going to Maccabi. I like Jackson. But I think Zisis would be a lot better fit for a team like Bilbao. If they can qualify for Euroleague (difficult, but doable) then I could see him going there. Zisis would manage their team a lot better, because his basketball IQ is really high and he hardly ever turns the ball over.

Jackson to Maccabi is just more of the same. He's a good player, but Maccabi has really gotten predictable since Blatt took them over. His style works wonders in a short tournament (Russian NT), but it is too predictable over a long club season. Jackson is the same type of athletic, but not true point guard type of player that Maccabi has been selecting.

Actually, they would be a lot smarter to sign someone like Zisis themselves.

Draper to Real.........Real is stupid. They have dumb management. Hell, I am sure if Zisis would consider Bilbao, then he would probably jump at Real. So would a lot of other point guards. Draper/Sergio PG combo is just not right for such a club.

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