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Default Re: Most underrated player in the NFL

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
and it isn't just the 3 sacks this is every year

Calais Campbell
2009: 7 sacks, 48 tackles
2010: 6 sacks, 60 tackles
2011: 8 sacks, 72 tackles

Haloti Ngata
2009: 1.5 sacks, 35 tackles (played 14 games)
2010: 5.5 sacks, 63 tackles
2011: 5 sacks, 64 tackles

and by no means am I suggesting that stats mean EVERYTHING...they don't tell the whole story

but they do tell us something...the stat part does lean toward Campbell

what makes Ngata better than Campbell to you GoBB???

Ngata and Campbell have different roles. Ngata isnt a pass rushing specialist. You dont look at his impact by sack totals.
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