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Default Re: The blame thread

Originally Posted by Scoooter
The Suns made deep runs in the playoffs with Amar'e anchoring the middle at center. WCF in 2005, 2010. That circus in the WCSF in 2007. The Suns haven't even made the playoffs since he left.

What we're not going to make deep runs with is Carmelo taking 30 shots a game to score 30 points.

The Knicks need a real PG to tell some of the chuckers we've assembled to **** off every now and then, just like Chauncey Billups did the one time Melo's Nuggets did anything in the playoffs. Lin apparently doesn't have much of a problem waving off Carmelo and trying to make a better play, so hopefully, if he sticks around, he'll make an appropriate leap with his game.

I'm still hoping for Nash though. You give that guy some firepower and you've got a contender. And with now DPoY Tyson Chandler protecting the middle you're better off than a lot of teams in the league.

Thats the thing with me though that I don't get. It's like some Knicks fans cant be pro Lin (or any other pg) and pro Melo. Melo seemed to work just fine with Chauncey. I think nobody ever takes in account that Melo is shooting a lot because of the lack of talent on our roster? I mean seriously, Mike Bibby, Toney Douglas and Baron Davis have all started at pg for our Knicks LOL I know Melo needs to not try and be the hero but c'mon. Let's not act like there isn't reason to think he needs to be.

My only issue with getting Nash is, it's another stop gap solution. Nash is rare in that he keeps himself in ridiculously good shape. However, he still is old as dust. If we get Nash, sure it'll probably make us better but for how long. We'll be right back to looking for a pg in 2 or 3 years. Maybe sooner.

Let's get a guy who we can trust and develop!
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