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Default Re: If we are drafting a big at #9

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
And even though this is very, very far fetched, I wonder how high a pick we could get if we package stuckey, with some picks. Stuckey and future 1st picks, would say Portland at pick#6 be interested? Because I would love to have in this draft a high enough pick to draft Beal and then take Henson with our #9. Or, trade Stuckey and a 2nd rounder for say Portlands pick #11, and with #9 and #11 draft lamb and henson. Either way, Stuckey has had the keys to this franchise for about 4 years now and really has shown he can't be a true 1 or a true 2. Whilst very talented, I would prefer heading into the future with:

PG - Knight
SG - Beal / Lamb
SF - Prince
PF - Henson
C - Monroe

With that lineup, we have the youngest crop of talent in the entire NBA, and in 3 years time, we are a top 3 team in the east...

I am a dreamer....

But seriously, what do you think we could get for Stuckey and future picks?...

I don't want to trade Stuckey. He may just end up better than any of the SG's in this draft. Why would we trade Stuckey and another potential first for a guy who will at best have a similiar career. The Pistons suck right now. We really really need all of our first round picks. Without some key FA moves and/or trades of BG or Villaneuva I don't see this team being better next year. We could be drafting higher.... It'll probably take another draft after this year before we're good again. Then once we're good we'll still need another solid pick to try to get back to the top. If we could have just played our young guys this year and had a chance at landing that #1 pick to grab Davis we'd be all set. We would've developed the younger players and would've been able to see if there's any future with them. Jerebko and Daye needed way more PT.... If we draft another big man then one of them will have to go more than likely.
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