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Originally Posted by mr sax
For whatever reason, you just don't like Mike Brown.

I think you can compare last season to this. Why not? How was this a mediocre season? How is a top seed in the west mediocre? Why don't you point out the legit reasons so we can examine your claim that this would have been, in fact, a mediocre season?

I didn't say the season was mediocre. The coach is mediocre. He hasn't changed a thing from his Cleveland days. He sucked then and he sucks now. Of course I'm not going to give him a fair chance from the start. Why in the world would I????? It wasn't like he ever proved himself to make good decisions in his previous job. It was a terrible hiring. The Lakers could win the title this year and I would still say that it's a terrible hiring. Mike Brown should be an assistant in this league.
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