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Default Re: If we are drafting a big at #9

I don't really look at Beal as a traditional 2 guard either though. Isn't he only like 6'4"? He's no D-Wade. Lamb isn't any bigger than Stuckey either. He's only 6'5". If there were a two guard who was 6'6" or 6'7" with a high ceiling I may be for it. The short ones just don't seem to win ships (besides Wade of course). They're typically 6th man kind of guys. That's why I think we have to stick with Stuckey for at least one more year. I just don't see a clear upgrade. We're not a contender next year anyhow. I'd rather see them with another top 5 pick. If we can go big again this year then next year I'd like to see a SG or SF.
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