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Default Re: Amnesty Boozer, sign Hinrich and O.J. Mayo

Originally Posted by Rose
I KNOW I'm right and I KNOW i highlighted the right part.

Tyson was signed and then traded so he could get more money, and it was the ONLY way for New York to get him the money he wanted. So to do so....

Billups was AMNESTIED to free up 12 million. THEN Turiaf was traded to clear up the rest of the space needed.

And now I'm done.

Show me his contract being amended.

Under the CBA contracts could be amended to support a buyback for cap affected monies to free up space. In order to sign Rip and bring Omer back, the team needed to amend Boozers contract. This wasn't majorly newsworthy, so I admit, I am having a hard time finding it. But I KNOW I'M RIGHT, and pointed out the RIGHT part of the CBA. You can find it laid out throughout the CBA on both non-basketball and basketball injuries(insured), and the other loophole of amending team and league promotional obligations, which off the top of my head, I believe is in section 7.
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