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Default Re: Watson sucks. The Bulls really need a better point guard to fill in for Rose.

Originally Posted by Tenchi Ryu
Deng played through injuries too, and I bet even Gibson was still in some pain. What made Watson look bad wasn't just him not shooting, he didn't play very smart the entire series. Drained too much time off the clock, chucked his ass off, failed to feed the hot hand, and was responsible for Jrue having such good games.

But this isn't just a overreaction, I've noticed things all season about Watson. He was VERY 3 happy, and took way more perimeter shots for my taste. Luckily for him in the regular season, they were falling. But as we know, shit changes in the playoffs. He was guarded more heavily, and cut off from good 3 point shots.

Lucas looked much better than Watson, and even Lucas wasn't all that. Lucas was so-so on getting his shot, but he did a better job at facilitating. Looking at the situation we're gonna be in, Hinrich would be just as good as a Watson resigning, maybe even better.

You're comparing our backup PG that makes 3.7m to our all-star that makes 14m? On top of that, may I remind you that Deng's injury had far less effect than Watson's injury. Players don't play with shoulder injuries and hyper extended elbows in the NBA, but that torn ligament is a common injury that players have played through, because it's a clean injury. Apples and oranges.

And Lucas is a streak shooter. He isn't a point guard. He dribbles the damn air out of the ball. I like little johnny, but come on.
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