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Default Re: If we are drafting a big at #9

I think those signings are what killed this team. I think it's a far bigger mistake than when Joe D drafted Darko. I'd like to see them both traded. I think Charlie is of more value. He's a big guy with a nice outside touch and his contract isn't that terrible. The problem is I'd rather just develop Jerebko, Daye, and our potential rookie big at this point. BG definitely needs a change of scenery. I'm not exactly sure why he couldn't do in Detroit what he did in Chicago. Sure he's had some injuries. But this clearly isn't going to work out. I've never been a fan of small SG's (besides Dumars of course, lol). I would think a team like Utah (who has a ton of big men) could use someone like him. Portland has to be looking for a SG too. I'm just not sure what their cap space situations are like. I wouldn't want to necessarily take back all that salary in another mediocre player. I'd want another 1st round pick.
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