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Default Re: If we are drafting a big at #9

I've been worried about the same thing. He just seems like he needs the right opportunity in the right system. He's had a little opportunity in Detroit but it just didn't seem like the right timing. His game reminds me a lot of Durant's. You would think Daye could at least average 15ppg. Really Daye seems more suited for SF, but with Tay there's not going to be many minutes there and I'm definitely not for trading Prince. He's so versatile and honestly he could've went to all kinds of different places last year but he decided to stay in Detroit through the rebuilding. He's one of the true class acts in sports. That's why I'd like to see Daye get at least a little burn at SG. It would kind of remind me of what the Pacers do starting Paul George at SG. That tall lineup the Pacers use has proven to be pretty effective this year and I like what they've done.
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