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Default NBA players association wants age minimum dropped to 18

The NBA's players association wants the age limit for the NBA draft to return to 18 years old from 19 but will listen to commissioner David Stern's desire to increase it to 20 only if it gets significant concessions to the rookie wage scale and an incentive program for players who stay in school longer.

The NBPA issued a statement to on Thursday in response to Stern's comments since the end of the NCAA tournament last month, as well as former Suns general manager Steve Kerr's column on the same subject on earlier this week.

The rule, which has to be negotiated between the NBPA and the NBA, not the NCAA, has been coined "one-and-done" since so many players play one year of college ball before going pro. The draft rule requires players to be 19 and one year out of high school to be eligible for the draft. The 2005 rule wasn't changed during the latest negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement, as the league was mired in a lockout that limited the season to 66 games.

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