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Default Re: The blame thread

Originally Posted by knicksman
as an assistant. lets compare their careers as a headcoach. thibs is not anywhere close to dantoni. It doesnt take a genius to be a defensive coach thats why you can find defensive coaches anywhere in this league but it takes higher IQ to be an offensive coach. In fact dantoni has shown he can play defense this season during linsanity. Thats how easy it is to play defense. Just hold them accountable and youll get results. But the best coaches can win without even using defense.

You can't really seriously believe the stuff you type.

Thibs really only lost coach of the year because they didn't wanna give anyone the award twice. He's only been a head coach 2 years and he's already had the best record in the regular season TWICE.

He's already been to the ECF with roster that isn't exactly full of talent.

He had the best record in the league and not only was Rose hurt all year, Deng missed 12 games, Hamilton missed 38 games and Noah missed 2.

What exactly has D'antoni done that trumps that?
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