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Default Re: The blame thread

Originally Posted by knicksman
Its easy to be a defensive coach thats why most offensive coaches like pjax are also good on defense. Thats why there are lots defensive coaches in this league and some of them dont have jobs. It takes a higher IQ to be an offensive coach because it needs more analysis to develop this systems. Dantoni has proven he can play defense, its just that he doesnt hold his players accountable.

And who cares about the first 2 years, what is important is his team would be mediocore the next few years coz he ended the career of his star. And he hasnt matched dantonis career. Dantoni made the finals coz the suns/spurs series is the finals during 2007.

Nice way to turn things around conveniently.

Frankly, I think that it takes a lot of guts to defend D'Antoni, so I give credit to guys like you and Scoooter.
But, seriously, there is no way to avoid the simple reasoning that:
- You don't win without HUGE defense (or find me the exception in recent NBA history)
- Pringles doesn't care about defense

All in all I cannot blame any of the players (well maybe Amare yes) because we weren't expected to beat Miami.
But I blame our management because we could have been a title contender by now, and we aren't.
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