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Default Re: If we are drafting a big at #9

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
Imagine if we got lucky in the lottery... Say we got #4 and the first 3 picks were Davis, MKG and Beal... Who would you take? Drummond? Robinson? Barnes?

I'm a little timid about Drummond. He'll have to be very impressive in the workouts. I think Barnes is going to be a solid player. I'd be really happy if Detroit somehow landed him. I think Robinson has a chance, but one thing I'm unsure of is his true height. I don't want a 6'8" PF. While someone like that can still be good, they certainly won't win a championship (at least as a starter and we need a starter). If Robinson measures out to be 6'10" then I'd take him in a heartbeat. I love what he did in the tournament against some really good competition. The kid has heart. I think Barnes has the least amount of potential to be a bust though.
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