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Default Re: If we are drafting a big at #9

I think Robinson will turn out similar to Millsap with more boards. Pure hustle, determination and heart with just enough offensive skill to compliment his stingy defense all in all making him probably the safest, but lowest ceiling out of the 3.

Barnes scared me by not absolutely dominating college ball this year. I was expecting him to break records with his scoring, he looks unstopable at time, yes - just like durant, but at other times looks like Matt Barnes.... I think with good coaching and good work ethic he could be somthing special, a pure scorer, thinking he might turn out similar to a danny granger....

Drummond in my mind has the most potential in this draft. He could be absolutely anything. Pure physical specimen, who shouldn't be able to move as quick, or jump as high, with such a muscular built body. He doesn't have the offense of a Bynum or Cousins, but he has as much if not more offensive ability as a rookie Amare. He could be the next 20/10 beast and an anchor on offense, or he could be the next Wilcox...

I think it would come down to Drummond or Barnes for me, potential is a huge key for me. And whilst Prince is still with us, Drummond would allow Monroe to play a Duncan type PF role with the big bodied Drummond holding down the middle, that entices me....
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