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Default Re: Player who won Finals MVP and Regular Season MVP, Same Year

Shaq and MJ won The MVP in the Regular Season, Finals MVP and All-Star MVP In the same season....

Shaq's Numbers In 2000 ( In my opinion the best single season performance ever by a player)

Season: 30ppg 14rpg 4apg 3bpg 57% shooting

Playoffs: 31ppg 15rpg 3apg 57% shooting

Finals: 38ppg 17rpg 2apg 3pg 61% shooting

Jordan In 93

Season: 33ppg 7rpg 6apg 3spg 49 % shooting

Playoffs: 35ppg 7rpg 6apg 42 % shooting

Finals: 41ppg 9rpg 6apg 2spg 45 % shooting

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