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Default Who's your team?

Which team do you primarily support? Why?

Any teams you can't stand?

My team is the Lions. Born 20 miles outside of Detroit and grew up there. Never was a hockey fan, so the Pistons and Lions were my go to sports teams.

There aren't really any teams I can't stand, I don't like the Bears a whole lot, but that's mainly a division rivalry thing.

I know most people's teams from reading NFL Game Threads, but I think this will be a good way to get a quick reference for a lot of posters.

Detroit Lions: AboveTheRim., TheSilentKiller, UtahJazzFan88

Houston Texans: TheNaturalWR

Washington Redskins: ROCSteady, Jackass18

New York Giants: Niko, Sarcastic, Snoop Cat

Arizona Cardinals: UtahJazzFan88, wagexslave

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: MK2V1GP, GatorKid117

Miami Dolphins: OneBadUsername

Green Bay Packers: qrich, Jazz873

New York Jets: Heavincent, Rameek

Chicago Bears: Ballinhun8, TarikOne

Pittsburgh Steelers: Jailblazers7

Philadelphia Eagles: iggy>, GOBB, StateProperty, Theoo'sDaddy (had to add that last one haha)

St. Louis Rams: EricGordon23

Oakland Raiders: IcanzIIravor

Dallas Cowboys: primetime, riddler, kentatm, dasher, bigking, mmspura

Cleveland Browns: RedBlackAttack, Cowboy Thunder, Bisk, Black Joker, RaininTwos

Indianapolis Colts: KG215, Inspired Lebowski, Carbine

Denver Broncos: NuggetsFan, StateOfMind12

San Diego Chargers: AirGauge23

Minnesota Vikings: JellyBean, SkyWalker

Buffalo Bills: Irondarts

Baltimore Ravens: Soothing Layup

San Francisco 49ers: L8k3r5

New England Patriots: Code Green

Kansas City Chiefs: Charlie Sheen

Updated with list. Most of those are from this thread, some are me remembering. Let me know if I got you wrong or if you'd like to be added.

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