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Default Re: Most hated Bulls player/coach of all time?

Tim Floyd - Easy #1
Quintin Dailey - Worst shot-chucker in Bulls history
Horace Grant - Younger fans forget the way he left this team high and dry. "F this team, I hate Jordan, I hate Chicago, I'm outta here."

There is no justification for hating Boozer, other than his contract. He has been a professional with us, worked hard on his conditioning to stay healthy, and has improved in his defense(while, yes, he still sucks at post-D). You can hate his contract, but that means you should hate Gar/Pax first and foremost. I hate his contract too.

And for VDN. Hate Pax too. That is what you get with a ZERO experience coach, one that went .500 for his two seasons here(give me a break, seriously). At least Floyd had experience and he still failed miserably to develop something we could piece or build around. What a two-faced piece of crap.

Starks... 4 games?! He isn't hated for being a Bull, he is hated for being a rival Knick.
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