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Default Re: Most hated Bulls player/coach of all time?

Uh... no. He doesn't get a pass because you used to play basketball at the same gym he played at. That's ****ing stupid. He was a lazy, low IQ basketball player. No pass.

He should definitely change up his style. You try and compare him to Westbrook. Well obviously Westbrook can play at that style and not get injured. For Rose? It obviously doesn't really suit him well with all of the injuries he's had this season including the one that cost the Bulls the playoffs this season. There is no debate here. He needs to change his style so he can remain healthy.

I love the Bulls too. But I can call out their shitty FO and call out their players. Just because they wear a Bulls jersey doesn't mean I'm going to ignore it when there's a problem. You on the other hand sound just as bad as the Laker and Heat fans on the main forum.
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