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Default Re: Euroleague 2011/2012 Final Four Istanbul

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
CSKA should fire Kazlauskas and get Obradovic for next season . I dont see anyone beating then if that happens .

Supposedly Real wants Obradovic too. And supposedly Messina is thinking about coming back to Euroleague.

I never liked Kazlauskas. He almost destroyed Greece's national team. The Greek national team is still trying to recover from him.

He took this team:


To ELEVENTH PLACE at FIBA World Cup. Just think about that. The strongest roster in the whole tournament and they ended up in 11th place, and I think it was almost all due to his bad coaching.

I think even with Zouros they would have won the gold medal.

I just don't trust Kazlauskas. This was another one of his gems.

I'm not sure about them bringing in Obradovic though, because he needs a while to get his system implemented. Ivkovic didn't have his system implemented last year very well in Olympiacos.

Look at the result. The team that had by far the biggest budget in Europe, had poor results, all things considered, even accounting for the injuries to their 3 main players.

Obradovic is so particular about his system and players. I honestly think it might take a year to get it implemented right. Of course, he could just not make changes and do better than Kazlauskas.

But, the one thing I've never liked about Obradovic is how he handles adjustments during games. He is the master at planning a strategy before games, and making adjustments during a series, but his in-game adjustments have always been lacking.

I'm not sure if he would have reacted any better than Kazlauskas did during that run. However, I think he would have benched Teodosic during the 4th quarter, when he got out of control. Kazlauskas does not seem to have the guts to do stuff like that.

It's the same thing that happened with Greece NT in 2010. Everything just fell apart within the team because Kazlauskas would not act as the controlling authority within the team. He basically let Diamantidis take over, and didn't act as the coach should.

Basically, in the final, Teodosic acted as the coach of the team, and he lost his mind in the second half. As a coach you can't allow that, no matter how good your point guard is.

I just think of how Giannakis and Ivkovic handled Teodosic. As soon as he started to get out of control, they sent him to the bench. If he stayed playing that way after he came back in the game, he was benched again and didn't play again.

That's how you ave to handle that. And under those coaches, Teodosic was clearly at his best. They made him focus and behave a certain way, controlling his personality. Kazlauskas failed to do so in the final.

So yeah, I don't think they need someone like Obradovic, they just need a strict coach with a personality to have control over the team and to be able to keep Teodosic more focused.

Personally, if I was CSKA, I would think hard about getting Bartzokas as the coach. He's an exceptional young coach and is totally under the radar in Europe. Ivkovic even said recently that he is the most talented coach of the next generation. The guy was a miracle worker with Maroussi.

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