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O'Connor also talked about using Harris more as a shooting guard next year. But he didn't say who might be the point guard in those situations besides the present point guards.

Only way I can see keeping him assuming it's off the bench.

Because the Jazz usually keep three point guards, there is speculation they might try to find one through free agency or in the draft.

As of right now, the Jazz don't have a first-round draft choice unless Golden State falls to No. 8 in the upcoming lottery. It is rumored the Jazz would love a shot at Weber State point guard Damian Lillard, whom they've seen up close for three years, and is projected to be gone by the middle of the first round.

So if the Jazz were to look at the free agent list, who could they get?

Steve Nash is an unrestricted free agent and he'd be an intriguing possibility. But he is 38 years old and wouldn't be a long-term solution. Same with Andre Miller, who is 36 years old, although he would be an upgrade as the backup point.

Would be an upgrade as the starter. Probably the only way he comes to Utah.

Other unrestricted free agent point guards include Portland's Raymond Felton, Atlanta's Kirk Hinrich, Dallas' Jason Kidd, Indiana's Leandro Barbosa and Houston's Goran Dragic. Among those free agents with a player option are Orlando's Jameer Nelson, the Nets' Jordan Farmar and the Clippers' Mo Williams.

If it wasn't for this past season Felton might have been high on their list. Hinrich would be nice as a back-up at both guard spots. I wouldn't want Kidd. Barbosa isn't a pg. If Harris isn't playing in the role he'd be a nice 6th man. Dragic shoud be 1 or 2 on their list with Nash. Nelson would be better than Harris. Not sure he's a great fit though. Farmer might be nice as a back-up.
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