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Default Memphis Grizzlies offseason thread

Guys we got a great run this year. Just too many mistakes executing finally caught up with us. We'll be much better next year with Zbo healthy.

Obviously our biggest need is the backup point guard slot. We just had no one outside Conley to properly handle the ball. Mayo tried and coughed up the ball too much. Arenas was a non-factor and the Clipps usually made runs when he was in the floor.

I thought Jeremy Pargo did a pretty nice job during the regular season and the reason why we let Greivis go was that we were imprssed with what he gave us at backup pg spot. I do prefer some more size and more D to compensate for Conley.

Darrell Arthur will be back. With him, Speights and Haddadi that should be a pretty decent frontcourt bench. Both Arthur and Speights can hit the J which usually opens up the lane.

We REALLY need a go to scorer at the bench. OJ Mayo was supposed to be that guy but he really struggled especially during the games in L.A. I guess too much hometown pressure for him.
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