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Default Re: Round 2: Thunder (2) Vs. Lakers (3)

Pau needs to force Ibaka to drive or at least take a dribble when he gets a pass. If Ibaka gets a wide open jumper, he's money when all he gotta do is catch and shoot. But if you make him dribble just one time, his percentage drops dramatically (just like KG) so Pau has to close out on that

Anytime Perk gets the ball and is gathering himself to dunk, please foul the crap out of him. It irritates me when guys just let him dunk. Put him on the foul line, he shoots like 60%

You have to respect Russell Westbrook's midrange game now, its pretty damn good. And he can finish well, don't see what the heck the Lakers can do other than contest him.

Please don't foul jumpshooters. Metta's gonna have his hands full, as will Ebanks and Barnes with KD

I just don't see anyone who can guard Harden. He's too laterally quick for Ron, maybe Barnes and Ebanks can do something. Harden is their X factor, if he gets 20points, you can chalk that up to a W for OKC most nights
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