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Default Re: Euroleague 2011/2012 Final Four Istanbul

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
I thought Real was happy with Laso , he got them the cup and if he wins Endesa league he will probably stay as their coach . I dont like Messina , I think he is overrated and I also dont like him because he didnt let Velickovic play in Real . I dont know if you noticed but during TO when CSKA was leading Kazlauskas was celebrating like they already won . What do you think aboute Vujosevic coming to CSKA again ? I know that he was bad last season but he had worse team than CSKA has now and I cant see any coach not reaching F4 with this CSKA team .

Vujosevic is a good coach obviously, but the problem is that he can't speak English fluently. So he does not fit to CSKA, where all the team is managed in English.

Yeah, Messina is really overrated. In USA, they are all calling him, "best European coach ever". Typical NBA hype machine BS.

About Obradovic, the speculation in Greece is that he is going to Barca next year.
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