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Default Re: 2012 Free Agents

Let me ask you guise, do we let Nash walk? Not will we but what do you guise think.. if you were the GM? If I were, I'd say thanks Stevie.. but we need your cap space, we're rebuilding and you deserve to go out there and put yourself in the best position possible.

I like Hibbert, and we could let Robin walk. I don't know what how Indy would feel about losing him, or their cap space. Gortat/Hibbert/Morris is a solid front court.

DWill would be nice, but he'd cost a pretty penny... I'd rather get spend spread it around. I wouldn't be mad if we signed him though even if I don't like his hair line.

Definitely don't want Javale or Beasley. Beas is talented but I don't trust his chem issues like Maniak suggested. And Javale reminds me too much of a warrick childress signing.
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