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Originally Posted by BlackVVaves
I am talking about, Ben may decline in a matter of 3 years. And KG, as good as he might be, is not worth Ty Thomas, who hasn't even panned out yet, Duhon, you're only back-up point guard((Pargo will be gone)), And Deng, your future at the three, who is on the rise. KG, right now, is not worth what Shaq was when he got traded, or T-Mac. Even the Raptors got less for Vince. You are going to give the T-wolves a whole starting lineup for one player?

Ok you're talkin bout the deal someone mentioned (made up)

Deng / Thomas / PJ Brown / Duhon / 1st Pick from Knicks

Nope, wouldnt do that for KG. I'm talkin Tyrus Thomas, Tyson Chandler and Deng for KG. THAT I would do. The other deal i dont know where it came from? Hell naw.
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