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Default Re: Most underrated player in the NFL

I'm so glad the Cards locked up Calais for 5 more years. That monster contract is well deserved in my eyes, after watching every game he's played in the NFL I've seen a huge progression in him. Hope he lives it up and enjoys being one rich ass mofo! Proud to have him in AZ, and hope to see more of his clutch field goal blocks this year.

The Cards defense was surprisingly arguably a top 3 elite defense in the league in the 2nd half of last year, and Campbell was an anchor of that defense, along with Darryl Washington. So it was important that we held onto him so we could hopefully keep that great defense that we had in the second half of last year going into this upcoming year and years in the future.

One thing I'd like to see more of though defensively is interceptions. Our CBs were great at tackling and have been clutch on 3rd down(AZ's defense was #1 last year in the entire league on 3rd down) however we didn't cause a lot of turnovers. Good at holding other teams, bad at stealing the ball away. So I really hope we can improve a bit in that category going into next year. But as long as we can continue to put the pressure on teams and hold them on 3rd down I don't mind if there's a lack of interceptions or forced fumbles still.

Patrick Peterson is a threat every time he gets the ball in his hands though, so if at least HE can start intercepting some more balls I'll be really happy. I'd love to see some more pick 6's from PP21, dude is so exciting to watch.
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