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Default Re: Grinder any international prospects for 2012 draft?

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Fischer is too limited on offense. You can replace him with someone better for the money. You better not lose Banic though.

As for another scoring SG, why not go after someone like Vidal or Rafa Martinez?
Barcelona seems to be interested in Martínez, and even if they don't get him, Valencia is a place/team as good as us, so why move?

The problem with letting Banic go is simply because of money. If Fischer leaves (I'm sure he will), we need to sign an starting PG and C. And it's not like Blums is good enough to start either.
On the other hand, we already got Hervelle, which Katsikaris seems to like more than Banic, so I guess Banic won't be the top priority.
That said, he's the player most loved here, so I hope he stays.
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