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Default Re: Euroleague 2011/2012 Final Four Istanbul

Originally Posted by chains5000
I don't see Pascual leaving unless he doesn't make the Finals.

I'd fire him though. Barcelona should play better than they do with the roster they have.

To be fair though, the loss in last year's playoffs of Euroleague was to Panathinaikos. That's the same team that ended up winning 3 Euroleague titles in 5 years. They simply lost to the most dominant team of Europe in that era.

So no blame really there, especially considering how awful Rubio played. I don't think he was to blame for Rubio just being awful.

Then, this year they lost the Cup final to Real Madrid, but that was kind of a fluke game, where Llull and Carroll both had the biggest games of their whole career and every 3 point bomb just started falling.

It happens in one game finals. So, I can't really blame there either.

Now, about the loss to Olympiacos this year in the semifinal. Well, Olympiacos was just a better team, especially considering that Navarro looked only about 80-85 percent healthy to me.

However, that loss to Baskonia in 2010 ACB Finals.......that was pretty bad. He deserves blame on that one. But then again, to be fair, Rubio deserved the most blame. It was like the series against Panathinaikos. Rubio's horrid play was the cause of losing both those series.

So, while it's true that such a team should have better results in theory, at the same time, if you really look at the losses, it's really not on the coach. At least to me.

But, with that being said, I don't like Pascual's attitude. I just think of how he clashed with Terrence Morris for example. The guy retired because of it. Look what they get? CJ Wallace instead.

Wallace is a good player, I like him actually. He's talented and good. But he doesn't fit to Barca's team at all. Morris on the other hand, was a perfect fit.

But Pascual was arrogant and though it was no problem. He thought he could run out Morris over a personal issue and replace him with Fotsis, and actually get an upgrade and have another perfect fit, that was even a better player.

Well, the problem is that Milan offered Fotsis more money than Barca could. So the result was they ended up with Wallace. I think if Barca still had Morris that they could have won Euroleague.

So, I don't think Pascual is too blame for anything based on the teams they have had, but he is to blame for stuff like the Morris thing, and that probably cost them this year. But I will say this, Morris always had a reputation in USA that he had a very bad attitude. So, again, I am not sure that Pascual actually did anything wrong.

I expect Barca to win the ACB title. I honestly don't see them firing Pascual if they do.

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