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Default Shareef Abdur-Rahim gets college degree

Sacramento Bee:

It took almost 17 years, a nudge from the NBA, a bigger nudge from his family, on-line courses and community college offerings, guidance from academic counselors at Cal and the constant support of his boss, Geoff Petrie. And it required personal discipline and an unhealthy number of sleepless nights.

But on Monday, Abdur-Rahim, the Kings' assistant general manager, officially graduated from Cal. He walked with fellow sociology students inside Zellerbach Auditorium, heard his name called, heard his family cheer, returned his gown, secured his scroll, then commuted home.

"If I was still 21, maybe we would celebrate," Abdur-Rahim said with a deep-throated laugh as he navigated Interstate 80 shortly after the two-hour ceremony. "But I'll probably just go into the office and get back to work."
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