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I played 1 match of TDM. Went 15-8. The 3rd person I cant explain. Its not like GTA4 or even RDR. Takes some getting used to and I think free aim might be the best way to go after you get comfortable with the controls. The auto aim can get you in trouble if there are 2 enemies in front of you. It'll lock on one, often the wrong guy and by time you unlock you're almost dead.

I didnt read the game manual or any instructions on the controls so I guess single player is where most people should start. Better way to get a feel for how the game plays and so forth. I was impatient and wanted to leap into it.

Cant play other multiplayer game modes until you complete certain challenges. You can only play Deathmatch/TDM and the rookie version where you're thrown in with people your level which is smart.
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