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Default Re: Rose's surgery was a success, had it this morning

From KCJ's twitter...

K.C Johnson ‏ @KCJHoop
Dr. Brian Cole estimates 8-12 months for DRose recovery.

24m K.C Johnson ‏ @KCJHoop
Bulls physician Brian Cole: "Derrick is doing great. The surgery went really well. No surprises."

29m K.C Johnson ‏ @KCJHoop
Be awesome if Bulls team physician opens with, "Derrick's knee has more than enough to win with . . . "

K.C Johnson ‏ @KCJHoop
Bulls Dr. Brian Cole: "Statistically, he should be that player and then some. That doesnít mean itís guaranteed.

K.C Johnson ‏ @KCJHoop
#Bulls GM Gar Forman said he plans to talk to Luol Deng soon to discuss his injured left wrist. Deng will play in London Olympics.

12m K.C Johnson ‏ @KCJHoop
Important to note Reggie Rose is already on record that Derrick won't miss the entire 2012-13 season.

14m K.C Johnson ‏ @KCJHoop
#Bulls trainer Fred Tedeschi: "Those who know him know heís terrific to deal with. He has done everything Iíve asked and more."

18m K.C Johnson ‏ @KCJHoop
#Bulls Dr. Brian Cole: "Derrick didn't tear his medial collateral ligament, which made his pre-hab go much smoother."

K.C Johnson ‏ @KCJHoop
#Bulls GM Gar Forman on DRose: "His spirits seem really good. In his mind, heís determined to attack this rehab."
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