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Default Re: Rose's surgery was a success, had it this morning

I don't think he'll miss the entire season next year, but whatever it takes. Obviously I want to see as much of DRose on the court as I possibly can, but I'd rather he definitely be back when it's the right time and not rush back. It'll be frustrating to see the Bulls for the majority of the year without him and possibly Luol as well, but if we can fight for the 5-7 seed which I think is very realistic then we can get Luol back and I see Derrick coming back after the All Star break.

We all know how motivated he is and how much of a hard worker he is. He is going to do whatever it takes to return back to form. We have to stay supportive and hope for the best. Rehab will be tough, but it will be important for him to rest, fully heal from all the multiple injuries and really work on his body and conditioning as a whole to come back even better than before.

In the time being the rest of the roster will have to hold down the fort until Deng and Rose return whenever that may be. The roster is still good enough to compete for a playoff spot and then with the team at full strength make a run come postseason time.

The front office will have to do work this offseason to bring in a playmaker and add to the depth specifically on the offensive side of the ball in order to ensure a quality team until our guys get back to being healthy.
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