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Default Re: Rose's surgery was a success, had it this morning

Originally Posted by Rose
I'm with Go Getter. REST THAT MAN. DO NOT force him back or start him with big minutes, I don't give a shit if the only playing time he gets is us getting blown out in game 82 with 4 seconds left. If that's when he feels fine, then he can come back. Have a nice standing ovation, hit a corner three, and we can look forward to either the playoffs, or the lottery.

Controlling the minutes he plays when he does come back whenever that is will be extremely important.

Either Thibs needs to take a long hard look in the mirror at himself this offseason or Management needs to step in and have some kind of say or influence on him when it comes to his time management with our guys.

I love Thibs, we need to resign him, and I want him to be our coach for a long time but this is something he needs to work on.

He needs to play the starters less minutes. He needs to sit guys when games are under control. Luol and Derrick especially need to play less when it's not absolutely necessary.

We have depth and a good bench for a reason. Use it.

The team as is will be a contender and only get better with additions and the improvement of our young players and starters. We don't need to play every game like it's a game 7 of the Finals.
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