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Default Re: Heat lose Chris Bosh to injury in playoffs 2nd round

Originally Posted by insidehoops
Indianapolis Star:

The numbers with and without Bosh are striking:

With him, the Heat winning percentage was .746; without him, .444

With him, the Heat averaged 99.9 points per game; without him, 87.1

With him, opponents averaged 83.3 points per game; without him, 87.2.

Loses were Utah by a point, Lakers by 10, Washington by 2 (No Lebron and Bosh), Boston by 12 (No Bosh, Lebron or Wade), Washington by 34 (No Bosh, Lebron or Wade).

So I totally disregard the numbers, they are far from striking to me when closely examined. In fact they are borderline useless due to how skewed they are from the last 2 games.

Bosh is a key player and a big loss, but our playoff intensity on the defensive end will be higher than in those games, and offensively various players will now get more opportunity to score, and they have to make at least 35-40% of their FG's.
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