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Doesn't look like O'Conner is looking to trade bigs away, at least not this offseason:

One popular line of thinking is that the Jazz must trade either Jefferson or Millsap in order to allow Favors and Kanter to get more minutes and fully blossom.

Don't count O'Connor among that group.

"What we got to do is add to (our core)," the Jazz GM said. "I don't think we've got to blow it up and start over again, and I don't think we've got to be in a position where we're looking at it and saying we've got to trade some people."

He's always been consistently (and sometimes painstakingly) mum on these kinds of issues, but if these comments are any indication it seems like the FO is content to see what this frontcourt can do next season and thus a couple mild free-agent acquisitions in the backcourt are what we have to look forward to this offseason. Korver seems like a guy we'd go after if the Bulls let him become a FA. Like to see us go after Nash, Mo Williams, or Andre Miller but I highly doubt we get any of them. I'm really hoping the Jazz use the trade exception received from the Okur trade wisely but I could also see them just letting it expire (which would be infuriating).

Let Miles and Howard walk, re-up tinsley and Carroll, get a real PG and let Harris slide to the 2 (and off the bench), and target Kover and AK. If the team looked like this I'd be pretty excited:

(Nash or Williams or Miller) / Watson / Tinsley
Hayward / Harris / Burks
Millsap / Korver / Carroll
Big Al / AK
Favors / Kanter
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