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Default Re: Most hated Bulls player/coach of all time?

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
Don't be sarcastic because he's from chicago, who gives a flying f*ck.

His problem was he went the mc hammer and Antoine walker route and felt like if your last name was curry, you got his money.

And the topic was about Chicago players and coaches so that's why I mentioned his heart issues being here. His personal and family issues weren't a problem when he was a bull.
I'm not being sarcastic I'm being serious I appreciate a Chicago guy playing for the Bulls.

He had a season where HE LED THE LEAGUE IN FG%. That isn't half bad.

We got decent trade value for him.

It's not like he pulled a Lebron or Dwight on us either.

If he was generous with his money that's good on his soul and only his fault if he goes broke. No need to hate him for that. He can always get a good coaching job and feed himself anbd his family at sports bars around Chicago because he is a former Bull.

I mentioned his family issues in respects to his whole career.

He was a high risk high reward player and we got a year out of him where he sat and learned, a decent year, and an injury plagued year.

Not worth hating the guy.

Especially when he has a dead woman and kid in his wake you heartless bastard.
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