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Doesn't look like O'Conner is looking to trade bigs away, at least not this offseason:

One popular line of thinking is that the Jazz must trade either Jefferson or Millsap in order to allow Favors and Kanter to get more minutes and fully blossom.

Don't count O'Connor among that group.

"What we got to do is add to (our core)," the Jazz GM said. "I don't think we've got to blow it up and start over again, and I don't think we've got to be in a position where we're looking at it and saying we've got to trade some people."

He said they aren't blowing it up. He's also said Favors needs to start. To add people you have to subtract people. If trading Jefferson is what it takes to fill other holes than you might just have to do it. That said I would take what O'Conner says with a grain of salt. The one thing he has proven is he can talk.

Korver seems like a guy we'd go after if the Bulls let him become a FA.

At what price? They let him go before for a reason.

Like to see us go after Nash, Mo Williams, or Andre Miller but I highly doubt we get any of them.

Mo doesn't make much sense unless you are just looking for an improvement over Harris and you could do that by going eeny meeny miney moe. He'd be nice off the bench as a combo guard but I'm guessing he like Andre wants to start. Miller seems highly likely if they move Harris(either a trade or to the bench at the 2 which O'Conner has also mentioned and is the only place he could possibly help them) and/or Watson who should go too. Tinsley they should keep if they can't get an upgrade in Nash or Miller.

I'm really hoping the Jazz use the trade exception received from the Okur trade wisely but I could also see them just letting it expire (which would be infuriating).

Letting it expire seems more likely but they could use it and still just go over the salary cap well below the luxury threshold so who knows. They have til December so it could come into play when teams are looking at their rosters before contracts get guaranteed for the year.

Let Miles and Howard walk

Howard was one of their best players before he got hurt. I'd definitely be looking to bring him back depending on the price and who's in line to replace him.

re-up tinsley and Carroll

Their options seem like no brainers. Even if they get Andre or Nash Tinsley could be easily traded.

target Kover and AK

Based on what Hayward showed at the end of the year I can't see bringing AK back. Maybe be able to use him in a sign and trade.

(Nash or Williams or Miller) / Watson / Tinsley
Hayward / Harris / Burks
Millsap / Korver / Carroll
Big Al / AK
Favors / Kanter

Watson wasn't happy as the 3rd guard and Tinsley is a better fit so Earl has to go. They need to start developing a young guy regardless. They should have been this year. Marshall or the Weber St. guy make sense. A seasoned vet(Tinsley/Nash/Mller/?) and a veteran combo guard either Harris or someone else.

Al has to go. You don't need anyone around that concedes a playoff series before it's over! Millsap is to good at the 4 to start him at the 3. Bring in a veteran to fight Favors and Kanter for the other minutes up front. Burks 3rd string doesn't work for me either. He's arguably got the most upside of anyone. He could be their go to guy in the future.

If they can get Nash maybe Ray Allen would come too? Micheal Redd? Kevin Martin is available.

Evans also has looked promising in his limited chances.

There just really isn't any reason to when Kanter hasn't shown much.

There's plenty of reasons besides for the fact that him crowned the Spurs champs after game 3. He's got an expiring contract. Do you extend him? Do you wait til the trade deadline? Do you wait til the off season and possibly get nothing but cap space for a guy you gave up 3 first rounders and a huge TPE for? To be better defensively. To unleash the young guys. etc.

Millsap can play 6th man

He can but since he is their best player and most clutch if you play him at the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th it's doesn't work as well to have him on the floor at the end of the game and limits his overall minutes. He and Hayward are the two guys the offense should be revolving around til someone changes that.

They should probably look for a shooter at SF or SG too.

It's a must especially with Raja leaving soon.

Hopefully nobody tries to overpay Carroll. He looked great at the end of the year.

He's got an option that it sounds like they will pick up. Tinsley too.

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