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Default Re: Greek Basket League Finals: Panathinaikos Vs. Olympiacos

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
When is game going to be played than ?

I don't know. They have to decide if the games at SEF will be played with an empty arena, or if only people under 17 will be allowed in the arena.

It's a real shame for Olympiacos. After they won the Euroleague, they just lost their home court advantage in the Greek League, because of some idiot hooligans. The main goal for them, by like 80%, is winning the Greek League, by beating Panathinaikos.

Euroleague is a minor thing for them, by comparison in importance.

Now, they just totally lost home court advantage for all 3 home games.

The games in SEF are going to suck now, with either an empty arena, or only maybe 3,000 to 4,000 youth fans allowed in.
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