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Default Re: David Falk says 2012 is a one-player Draft

So this I'm sure is grounds for crucification from some people.

He's going to be an elite floor runner for a big, and I don't have any doubt he'll be a shot blocking weakside defensive presence, maybe even DPOY kind of guy. He's shown some good mid range stroke. Is it really impossible to project him as a super Javale McGee, without the psych issues. And again, that's not a knock. I could see him having a Marcus Camby career, and again, that's a guy who went at the top of a draft and has had an excellent career.

I in no way feel like he's going to be a failure, and there's sure plenty of upside for him. But he's being put in this elite prospect category that I don't 100% agree with.

I'm glad at least one person agrees with me.
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