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Default Re: UNC's John Henson can defend, rebound and block shots but strength is an issue

I said this earlier in the season when it became apparent Anthony Davis was going to be a very special player, and that's he was what UNC fans thought we were getting in John Henson as a freshman. Instead it took util his junior year to be about as good as a sophomore Anthony Davis. He was the only player in the nation that was close to or on Davis's level as a shot-blocker.

Part of what set him back was the miserably failed experiment of playing him at SF half of his freshman year. He really came along and looked very good the last half of ACC player and in the NIT tournament after being moved to PF. I think had he played that entire season at PF, despite all the other injuries, UNC may have won a few more games and made the NCAA tournament. He wasn't 100% in the NCAA tournament after injuring his wrist but he was still somewhat effective. What made him so dangerous is that, despite being left-handed, he was probably better at finishing around the rim with his right hand, and that was the wrist he injured. I personally think Roy Williams thought he and Marshall would both be back next year and that's why he was loading up the 2013 class while filling the 2012 class with foundation 3-4 year players. The injuries scared them into the draft, but I'm not sure how much Henson would have benefited from an extra year of college anyway. He wasn't going to get much stronger and he added the 15-18 foot jumper to his arsenal this season, so there wasn't much else he could develop.

Oh, and he spent a lot of his time last offseason working with Rasheed Wallace so I guess it's not a coincidence that he became pretty good at that 12-15 foot fader. I'm in the UNC fan camp that believes he has the highest ceiling as an NBA player from this group of Barnes, Henson, Marshall, and Zeller, but that hinges on him adding some weight and strength. I won't disagree with anyone who says Barnes has a higher ceiling but I just like Henson's game a lot more now that he showed he can consistently knockdown that 15-18 foot jumper.
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